The Heart of Decision Making – by Jeannie Campanelli

The Heart of Decision MakingIt makes such a difference when we ensure that all of the avenues are explored in the decision-making process.  For a decision to be solid, it needs to be both congruent and sustainable.  This means there is an alignment with the body, mind, and spirit.  There is no disconnection between what you think and how you feel.
When there is congruence between what the mind thinks and how the body feels, decisions are made with a commitment to follow through.  A sustainable decision is one in which you feel certain.  You no longer second guess yourself – you  simply know.  You do not need to keep revisiting the decision, wondering if it is the right one.  The decision becomes doable, concrete, and attainable. Your motivation stays intact. I reflect on how I explored many possibilities around a decision that was to be made – using the body-centered techniques that I’ve learned from Marlena.  Even such seemingly small decisions made from such an honest, real, place meant a significant increase in lightness and clarity within myself. You may notice that you often concentrate on what the mind thinks and the valuable information that is available from the body and the spirit are not considered. Here is what may happen. When faced with a difficult or significant decision, you may let the mind be the dominant factor:

  • You make ‘pro’ and ‘con’ lists
  • You make rationalizations and label things good or bad, right or wrong.
  • There is often added pressure to make decisions based on what you think you should do rather than on what you want to do.
  • You may be operating from what used to be true for you but is no longer the case. You haven’t updated your ‘personal files’.
  • You discount or ignore your intuition, your body wisdom, your inner knowing.
  • You may be overly influenced by fear.

These decision-making processes are reactive rather than responsive. Being reactive is habitual, a knee-jerk reaction, an energy which is often felt  in the body, though often discounted. What to do? For a decision to be conscious, you must take into account all the information that is available to you.  Otherwise, something gets missed and often, that something includes the body’s wisdom. You often have an intuition and get hunches that you are aware of or sometimes ignore. You can learn to listen to, trust, and make use of this guidance.  In so doing, you supplement the mind’s logic and tap into your deeper wisdom in a way that is perfect for you. You move from your head down into your heart for the hidden insights. Such attention to hidden insights support you in feeling grounded, fulfilled, centered, and present.  You have a deeper and stronger resonance with what you know to be true and what you need to do or be to move forward. Practice: Find a quiet place to rest and reflect. In your journal, reflect on decisions that are waiting for you to make.  Simply notice what is the impact on your energy when you sit with indecision?  What are your body’s sensations, emotions, memories, thoughts – anything and everything? What are the insights arising within you about your pattern of deciding?  How do you include all of you?

Jeannie Campanelli, Ed.D., CPCC, CBCC Inner Confidence Coach

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