Strengthen your immunsystem with 20 minutes of daily meditation, Issue # 12

Happy Fall! I love the colors in the Fall but a downside this time of the year, is that many people tend to get sick. I learnt from the Swedish Mindfulness Center that doing at least 20 minutes of daily meditation, is being as effective against the flu or a cold as physical activity. Not only do you strengthen your immunsystem by daily mediation and mindfulness, you also sleep better, feel less stressed and have fewer depression liked symptoms. Also, if you can add physical activity into your daily routine, you are increasing these benefits even further.

If we all know the amazing benefits of mindfulness – why don’t we practice it on a regular basis? Maybe because we think it’s complicated and time consuming? Well, I don’t think it has to be! As a reader of my newsletter, you should have received my list of 10 easy ways of practicing mindfulness on a daily basis. In case you have forgotten or need a reminder, here is the latest version.

An additional way to deepen your experience of mindfulness and learn it for yourself as a coach, is to take part in any of the upcoming Body-Centered Coaching trainings, based on a method founded by Marlena Field. This method combines mindfulness with the body’s own wisdom for deeper and more effective coaching conversations.

In the training you will practice mindfulness and learn by your own experience how to trust your own body and intuition as a resource in the coaching conversation. By learning the nine processes in the method, you will be able to assist your clients to move beyond limits, make solid decisions and trust their inner resources for sustainable change.

Heads up to my Swedish readers – the early bird pricing for the training in Swedish ends in a week on October 24, 2018!

Talking about Sweden, I want to give a big shout out to ICF Stockholm for the warm welcoming when I presented there in the end of the summer. The room was filled with amazing coaches who were eager to learn about the Body-Centered Coaching method for 2,5 h. I am so grateful for these opportunities to share and bring the Body-Centered Coaching method further out in the world! If you would like to see and hear me presenting at your ICF Chapter (or somewhere else) please let me know!

Tack alla svenska ICF coacher och glöm inte er upp till 1000 SEK rabatt till min kommande BCC utbildning med start i november 2018! 

And if you are interested in becoming a coach, or already are a coach here in Texas, you have the possibility to experience my Body-Centered Coaching presentation at the All ICF Texas Conference&RetreatMarch 28 – 31, 2019. As part of the planning team, I can promise you great conversations, ICF accredited learning, and time in nature around the beautiful Lake Buchanan – all in a great combination. Registration is open and the early bird pricing ends October 31, 2018. 

Love and presence,

Upcoming Body-Centered Coaching offerings; 

Webbaserad e-kurser via Zoom (telekonferens) 2018/19 på svenska, ackrediterad av ICF med 12,75 CCE poäng. Anmäl dig till alla tre delkurser eller ta en i taget. Tidig anmälan före 25 okt ger lägre pris.

  • Delkurs 1: Bortom begränsningar 14, 21 & 28 nov 2018
  • Delkurs 2: Beslutsfattande 23, 30 jan & 6 feb 2019
  • Delkurs 3: Inneboende resurser 13, 20 & 27 mars 2019

Webinar Trainings Spring 2019, in English, ICF accredited for 12.75 CCEUs; Starts on April 2 – weekly until May 28, 2019. Register for one module at the time, or complete all 3 – Beyond Limits, Decision Making and Embodied Resources.

Body-Centered Coaching Presentation at All ICF Texas Conference & Retreat, Burnet, Texas, 28-31 March 2019. For more information and early bird registration, please become a member of our event Facebook group.

Speed coaching” at the Coaches corner at Texas Conference for Women in Austin, Nov 8, 2018.  Designed to give attendees an opportunity for one-on-one sessions with a coach from ICF to take what they learned at the Conference and turn it into action! I will be there with some fellow coaches from ICF Houston – come for a session if you are attending the Conference!

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Mindful Summer Time, Issue#6

Where I come from in Sweden, summers are usually short and not always sunny, and whenever the sun is shining you have to be outside. Here in Texas its the complete opposite! Also, with degrees around 100F, it’s a challenge with outdoor activities. Well, its all good and I am adjusting to my new lifestyle. Also, I am fortunate enough to go to Sweden for a couple of weeks in the end of August.

ICF MRC June 2016 BCC presentationAnother trip I recently did, was to the ICF Midwest Regional Conference in Indianapolis. Together with my colleague Helene Morais, we presented an interactive body-centered coaching session “Adding a body-centered tool to your practice; Moving beyond limiting associations. It was very rewarding and fun to be able to share one of Marlena Field’s (founder of the BCC method) body-centered coaching processes in person.

It’s always nourishing and energizing to spend time with the coaching community. Marshall Goldsmith, the Keynote speaker, brought some great energy as well as many other excellent presenters.

At Ann Betz and Ursula Pottinga’s session we learnt how neuroscience can help expand our effectiveness as coaches. I love how their research shows what we already know in body-centered coaching; that our brain is not just in our head! Their work show that we have neurons in our heart and gut, and that every part of our nervous system actually participates in processing information. Therefore it’s so important to include the body-centered perspective in our coaching, because when we only deal with “head” stuff we miss major aspects of our actual intelligence and insight.

Let’s finish with some words from Marshall Goldsmith; Life is short, follow your dreams and have fun NOW – we can’t change the play of hands but we have a choice how we play it”.

Happy playful, relaxing and mindful summer!

Love and presence,
Upcoming body-centered coaching tele-trainings and events;

Free 30 minute Introductory Calls on my Body-Centered Coaching Tele-trainings, one for each module. This is a great opportunity to get your own experience and taste of whats covered in each module, how it can help you and your clients and meet me as the teacher. The first call on Moving beyond limits will be on Tuesday August 23, at 1-1:30pm CST, register to one or more calls here.
Two different time slots to chose between at your convenience for the Body-Centered Coaching Fall Tele-trainings Series, September 20/21 – weekly until November 15/16, 2016;

Fun and light living, Issue #5


Issue five – January 2016

Hi everyone and Happy New 2016,

This time of the year we get so bombarded with New Year’s resolutions and sometimes we forget the importance of just enjoying life and having fun! For example, did you know that research shows that having an active social life and spending time with friends and family, has the same favorable effects on the health as quit smoking? Having a fun and light living is actually good for your health and makes you live longer! If you want more to your list of proven, pleasurable and health strengthening activities, here are some recommendations (source SciLife);

  • Challenge your brain and keep it active
  • Have sex on a regular basis
  • Get enough sleep
  • Have fun and cultivate an optimistic lifestyle

A fun and light living is certainly on my personal resolution list! Additionally, I have mediation and mindfulness, as something I want to see more of in 2016. And isn’t it great how Law of Attraction works? Universe heard my message and the other day I received an invitation in my inbox to a free guided Mindful Meditation; Self-care for busy people by Kris Karr. I encourage you to check it out here, as well as other healthy lifestyle tips from Kris Karr – “The queen of Kale”. I have ordered the Mediation Album and now I am waiting eagerly to include it in my meditation practice!

So whats new in 2016 in my coaching business?

  • Free 30 minute Introductory Calls on my Body-Centered Coaching Tele-trainings, one for each module. This is a great opportunity to get your own experience and taste of whats covered in each module, how it can help you and your clients and meet me as the teacher. You can register to one or more calls here.
  • Two different time slots to chose between for your convenience for the BCC Spring Tele-trainings;
    • Tuesdays at 12-1:25pm CST, starts April 5, 2016 – early bird pricing through March 15, 2016.
    • Wednesdays at 5-6:25pm CST, starts April 6, 2016 – early bird pricing through March 16, 2016.
  • In person BCC presentation – together with my colleague Helene Morais, we are chosen with our presentation “Adding a body-centered tool to your practice; Moving beyond limiting associations” as breakout speakers at the 5th Annual ICF Regional Conference. I hope you are making plans to join me in Indianapolis June 23-25, 2016 for the largest gathering of coaches in North America this year! The early bird registration opens February 1st, more information here.



Love and presence,