Connect with your body

Issue Thirteen – February 2019

How do you connect with your body and inner knowing on a daily basis? Are you listening to your body’s signals or have you somehow turned into an adult who knows how to walk, but have forgotten you have a body?

The symptoms of disconnection with our bodes manifest in many ways and can compromise our health. The good thing though, is that it’s never too late to change! I used to think I didn’t have the time to listen to my body and that it would slow me down. Today, I know that when I I become mindful and listen to my body, it actually makes me more productive and therefore saves me time and energy.

One of my favorite ways to connect is through Kris Carr’s mediation for busy people. It’s amazing how my body and brain feel so renewed and refreshed after just 10-15 minutes of deeper breathing and meditation! I equally love my yoga practice – it’s like a journey to self; of self, through self and to self – as well as connecting with my body and mind through movement. I always come up with new ideas and solutions when I am out running in nature. Of course, there is no ‘one way fits all’. You need to find a way that works for you and also, to be compassionate with yourself on your journey.

As coaches and other helping professionals, we know how important it’s to walk our talk. By connecting with yourself as a whole being of body, mind and spirit, you can assist your clients to do the same. It will help your clients to slow down, connect with their inner knowing and get to the heart of what really matters to them. Here is my story on how I got into Body-Centered Coaching. Now it’s your turn!
Love and presence,
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